Monday - Jun 24, 2019

Azodicarbonamide yoga mat chemical confirmed in 500 + everyday foods and grocery items

by Mike Adam
First person

Including natural and ‘healthy’ products

Last week I warned the world that the global food supply was intentionaly designed to end human life, not nourish it. Popular foods have been “weaponized” and are deliberately engineered to deliver toxic, cancer-causing chemicals to everyday consumers. The effect of all this is the mass poisoning of the people; keeping them incoherent, dumbed-down, diseased and chained to the for-profit “sick care” system where disease equals profits. – See Paul Chek’s video lecture which explains this in more detail:

Today, the Environmental Working Group published a hard-hitting report providing yet more evidence in support of exactly the point I’ve been making. EWG researchers confirmed the presence of azodicarbonamide, the “yoga mat chemical,” in hundreds of brand-name foods, including brands that promote themselves as “healthy” or “natural.”

Food brands found to contain the chemical include:

- Betty Crocker, Bimbo, Earthgrains, Fiber One, Gourmet, Healthy Life, Jimmy Dean, Debbie, Own, Pillsbury, Meal, Roundy’s, Sara Lee, Tyson. The complete list is published at the Environmental Working Group website. Natural News also confirmed the presence of the chemical in foods sold by McDonald’s, Chickfil- A, Arby’s, Carl’s Jr. and other restaurants.

Azodicarbonamide was deliberately chosen even though it is not needed

What this list shows is that all these companies are willing to deliberately feed azodicarbonamide to their customers, often while claiming their products are
“natural” or “healthy.”

Vani Hari, known as the Food Babe, is credited with spearheading the grassroots campaign on this particular chemical over the last two years. At first, the effort targeted Subway, which eventually bowed to public pressure and agreed to remove the chemical at some point in the future. But from there, news began to spread as azodicarbonamide was identified in the products of other fast food restaurants and now hundreds of grocery store items.

In every one of these cases, the chemical was deliberately engineered into the foods even though it is not needed! For thousands of years, breads have been made without the chemical, and even today this chemical is rarely used in many first-world nations. But in the U.S. food supply, it is deliberately added to the most popular foods which are consumed by the masses. Popular foods are laced with thousands of chemicals and toxic heavy metals Azodicarbonamide is just one of thousands of other chemicals deliberately used by grocery foods manufacturers, many of which have links to cancer and other serious diseases.

For example, processed meat companies routinely use sodium nitrite, a chemical which is no doubt thousands of times more toxic than anything ever substantiated with azodicarbonamide.

That’s why your grassroots support is so crucial in all this. Without your support of Natural News, Food Babe, the Environmental Working Group, Cornucopia and other important organizations, nobody would ever hear the truth about all the poisons they’re eating!

Also, have no doubts that grassroots activism is right now rocking and shocking the world of corporate food, where executives are running around in a total panic, realizing that every single one of the chemicals they currently use can be leveraged by grassroots activists into massive boycott campaigns organized via social media.

Truly, corporate food companies have lost control of the information monopolies they once held, and all their toxic secrets are going to come out one at a time.