Thursday - May 23, 2019


  • Hispanic author holds book release party in the Mission District

    by Roberto Daza

    Under the sunny skies of San Francisco’s Mission district, friends, family, and longtime fans of author Malin Alegria piled into the festively decorated barbershop, The Hair Place & More, to catch a glimpse of the author and discuss the release of her newest literary endeavor at her book release party on June 10.

  • Former U.S. Army general to discuss Iraqi prisoner abuse

    The Commonwealth Club has announced a forum led by former U.S. Army Major General Antonio Taguba, who will speak about his examination of Abu Ghraib prison that led to extensive research of Iraqi prisoner abuse by U.S. Army personnel. He will discuss his experience at the prison and the conduct of military personnel.

    Taguba was assigned to Abu Ghraib in January 2004 to investigate the alleged abuse. His report was widely publicized in the media, both domestically and internationally.

  • Oferta Ilegal

    Izq-Der; Los actores John Singleton y Franco Reyes en Oferta Ilegal.Izq-Der; Los actores John Singleton y Franco Reyes en Oferta Ilegal.

  • Betty La Fea y Babel brillan en los Premios ALMA

    por Salome Eguizabal

    Los Premios Alma del Consejo Nacional de La Raza de 2007 se transmitieron el 5 de junio en ABC. Los grandes ganadores de la noche en fueron las serie de televisión de ABC, Ugly Betty y la película Babel, cada una se llevó cuatro premios.

  • Illegal Tender

    L-R: Actors John Singleton y Franco Reyes in Illegal Tender.L-R: Actors John Singleton y Franco Reyes in Illegal Tender.

  • Ugly Betty and Babel shine at ALMA Awards

    by Salome Eguizabal

    NCLR Alma Awards: The 2007 National Council of La Raza’s Alma Awards aired on June 5 on ABC. The night’s big winners were ABC’s television series Ugly Betty and the motion picture Babel each taking home four awards.