Saturday - Nov 17, 2018

Latin Briefs

  • Coast Guard refusing FOIA request on cargo ships in Cal

    by the El Reportero’s staff

    More than five months after the devastating Cosco Busan accident, the US Coast Guard is still refusing to comply with an October 11, 2008 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

    The FOIA filed by the marine conservation organization Seafl ow, is asking for a list of vessels previously cited by the Coast Guard for regulatory violations and environmental crimes, says an statement form Vessel Watch Project.

  • Public protected from garbage service disruptions

    Compiled by the El Reportero’s staff

    Oakland trash collectors sign contract with waste management after seven months.

    Oakland trash collectors announce on April 3 that Waste Management has finally signed a contract, ending the labor dispute which began last summer when the company locked out 500 workers for four weeks.

    The announcement was made at the AFl-CIO Alameda Labor Council’s annual dinner.

  • Three hundred city jobs eliminated

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    The Mayor’s Office announced the elimination of 301 city government positions this week, most of them currently vacant, saving San Francisco an estimated $29 million in the coming year. Of the positions eliminated, over 200 are from Laguna Honda Hospital, where population numbers are down.

  • Developers compete for contract to develop Oakland Army Base

    by the El Reportero’s staff

    OAKLAND — Thirteen developers from across the nation are now competing for the opportunity to develop a 108-acre site within the former Oakland Army Base. On March 10, the City of Oakland concluded a two month “Request for Qualifications” (RFQ) process to identify potential developers for the Army Base. The city received responses from 13 development teams.

  • Mayor asks for second look at pest contros

    by Rigo Hernandez

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will introduce legislation on next Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors that will explore medical concerns of the aerial spraying of California to eliminate the light brown apple moth.

    Last week the mayor sent a letter that urges Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to rethink the spraying and support state legislation that would further explore the health risk of the spraying.

  • The City offers incentives to hire veterans and exoffenders

    by the El Reportero staff

    If you are a small business in San Francisco owner and hire returning veterans and ex-offenders, you could be earning a tax break, announced Mayor Gavin Newsom during his 2nd Inaugural Address.

    The plan is part of a new unveiling legislation that would provide a payroll tax credit to employers who hire disadvantage workers by amending the local Enterprise Zone program.

  • San Mateo County promotes healthy eating

    by Rigo Hernández

    The San Mateo County Health Department Nutrition Team is promoting healthy eating habits in families by launching a booklet of “quick and easy” recipes that center on power foods.

  • The Mayor’s Office plans to use rainy day funds

    by Rigo Hernández

    Carlos GarcíaCarlos García

    Because the state is doing major cuts in the education budget, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom plans to use Rainy Day Reserve founds in the current fiscal year to help the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD).