Monday - Feb 18, 2019

Latin Briefs

  • Bush signs Merida Bill, helps Mexico ‘s drug war

    Juan Camilo MourinoJuan Camilo Mourino

    WASHINGTON, D.C.- President Bush signed June 30 a $162 billion war funding bill that included $465 million to fund the Merida Initiative to help Mexico and Central America combat drug traffi cking.

  • Court decisión prevents Cave Creek from enforcing anti-solicitation law

    by Virginia Torres

    The U.S. District Court in Phoenix issued a preliminaryorderJune 2 stopping the town of Cave Creek, Arizona from enforcing an anti-solicitation rule passed in September 2007 claiming a vielatiQn of free speeeh rights of day laborers who were trying to express their availabilityto work by standing in public areas.

  • Visa requirement to visit Ecuador suspended

    by the El Reportero’s staff

    The Ecuadorian government suspended requirements to acquire visas to all individuals of all nationalities that wish to visit this South American country beginning June 20 2008, announced the Ecuadorian consulate in San Francisco.

    Last week it was noted that Ecuador seeks to improve its relationship with other countries around the world and to promote truism.

  • Mexican Consulate installs “Window of Health”

    by Rigoberto Hernández

    The Mexican community will be provided with the “Health of Window” of free medical attention that was recently inaugurated at the San Francisco Mexican Consulate.

    Through this office the community will be able to freely solicit complete information about their health, medical insurance, family planning, detection of diabetes and hypertension.

  • Candidate tries to be a judge to give real justice

    by Margine Quintanilla Gerardo Sandoval poses with members of the Latino community in the Mission District. (photos by Marvin J. Ramirez) The panic of being judged in a courtroom leads many Latinos to allow abuses and get blackmailed by others. In addition to not understanding the judicial system, many faced judges who do not understand

  • California legislators honor Felix Elizalde

    Felix  ElizaldeFelix Elizalde

    The Hispanic Caucus of the State Assembly recently honored Felix Elizalde with a resolution, for his arduous work and promotion in pro of the health and well-being of Latinos ones and in the occasion to have finished the Program of Leadership in Health of California.