Wednesday - Apr 24, 2019

Latin Briefs

  • Free breakfast and lunch fo Redwood City Elementary School students

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    City Leaders Support Re-Entry Council to Reduce Repeat Criminals

    City public safety officials are rallying to support legislation to create a Re-entry Council for the City and County of San Francisco. Recent spikes in violent crime in San Francisco highlight the necessity of proactively addressing this trend.

  • Free breakfast and lunch fo Redwood City Elementary School students

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    Continuing a successful pilot program started last year, Redwood City School District is provid- ing a healthy breakfast and lunch at no cost to eligible K- 5 students. Lunches in the Redwood City School District include a choice of five different entrees, non- fat or 1 percent milk, and a wide selection of fruits and vegetables.

    “Nutritious meals support learning,” said Superintendent Jan Christensen.

    “Children do better in school when they are eating healthy meals on a regular basis”.

  • Relationship between medical access and HIV en latinos

    by Con Ciencia News

    Two years ago, Jose Garcia found out what HIV and AIDS mean. It was something he had never heard of until the day he was diagnosed with the diseases.

    His lack of concern was so prominent that in 12 years, he had never visited a doctor until he felt sick: he had noticed spots on his skin and could not go to the bathroom. But it was too late. Garcia alternated working in the countryside and running a tobacco packing machine to send money to his family in Guatemala.

  • Kindergarden enrollment on the rise

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    Kindergarten Enrollment on the Rise

    Demand for public school Kindergarten in San Francisco continues to rise, with over 5% more requests for the 08-09 school year than this time last year.

  • Unregulated nanoparticles from diesel engines inhibit lungs

    by the University of Michigan

    ANN ARBOR, Mich.- Diesel engines emit countless carbon nanoparticles into the air, slipping through government regulation and vehicle fi lters. A new University of Michigan simulation shows that these nanoparticles can get trapped in the lungs and inhibit the function work of a fluid that facilitates breathing.

  • City releases $100k for Nicaraguan Huracane Felix victims

    ­by the El Reportero’s staff

    Members of several groups of community organization have reasons to celebrate after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors released a $100,000 relief fund on behalf of the people of the Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast impacted by Hurricane Felix.

  • SF entrega $100 mil a víctimas del Huracan Felix en Nicaragua

    por Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    Gracias a la Medida Y, que fue aprobada por los votantes en 2004, el viernes pasado, el Departamento de Policía de Oakland dio la bienvenida a 30 nuevos ofi ciales, totalizando 778, de una meta de 803 del Alcalde de la ciudad.

  • Oakland hires 30 new police officers

    by the El Reportero’s staff

    Thanks to Measure Y, which passed by the voters in 2004, last Friday, the Oakland Police Department welcomed 30 new offi cers, bringing the total to 778, from the city’s Mayor’s goal of 803.

    “I’m proud of the men and women who will be graduating from the Police Academy and joining our police force to protect and serve the residents of this city,” said Mayor Dellums.