Saturday - Sep 22, 2018


  • House passes minimum wage; bipartisan AgJOBS introduced

    by Alex Meneses Miyashita

    Rep. lleana Ros-LehtinenRep. lleana Ros-Lehtinen

    The Democratic-led 110th Congress got off to a quick start during its first week of session, moving forward on two piecesof legislation it says will benefit the Hispanic community: minimum wage and AgJOBS.

  • PBS, Latinos still at loggerheads over Burns’s exclusion of Latinos

    by Alex Meneses Miyashita

    Hispanic advocates and executives from the Public Broadcasting System came to no resolution after 90 minutes of discussion and debate March 6 regarding a seven-part World War 11 documentary by Ken Burns that ignores the role of Latinos in the conflict

    Neither side yielded in what was otherwise described as a cordial meeting.

  • Colombia calls for a fresh election

    by the El Reportero wire services Álvaro Uribe COLOMBIA – Politicians both from the opposition and the ruling coalition have called for a new legislative election following the arrest of six congressmen last week for their links to the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC). The last legislative election was held less than a year ago,

  • Two Mission residents fight for their lives after youth attack

    by Marvin J. Ramírez Two unseparable friends: L-R: Marvin Berroterán and Dennis Mendoza were savagely beaten in front of Berroterán’s house on South Van Ness Ave. and 24th St. house by gang members for no reason. For approximately five years, Dennis Mendoza and Marvin Berroterán were like two inseparable brothers, both from Nicaragua, about the

  • Federal ‘No Child’ rules leave immigrants students behind

    by James Crawford­

    A grassroots rebellion against the No Child Left Behind Act is sprouting all over the country. It’s long overdue. What’s surprising is that the most active opposition is growing in s conservative state. And it’s being waged on behalf of immigrant children.

  • Is Venezuela swerving leftwards?

    by the El Reportero wire services

    Hugo ChávezHugo Chávez

    VENEZUELA - What is significant about the nationalisation measures announced by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez over the past month, is that the government is not seizing the commanding heights of the economy.


  • City College elects its two highest officials

    by City College staff

    Anita GrierAnita Grier

    Dr. Anita Grier was sworn in as President of the Board of Trustees of City College of San Francisco by Mayor Gavin Newsom at a ceremony March 1 at City Hall. Julio J. Ramos took the oath of office as Vice President. Both will serve throughout 2007.

  • 17 states act as opposition grows to implementation of Real ID Act

    by Tracie Morales Week of protests: Indocumented immigrants advocatets from several community organizations march as part of week-long protest series to show support for undocumented immigrants and the raids ICE conducted during the last several months in the Bay Area. Latino state lawmakers are supporting the initiatives of 17 states that have issued resolutions this