Monday - Oct 22, 2018


  • Mexican cartels seize control of inmigrant routes

    by the El Reportero news services

    Alfonzo PeñaAlfonzo Peña

    SASABE, MEXICO - Mexican drug lords are taking over the business of smuggling migrants into the United States, using them as human decoys to divert authorities from billions of dollars in cocaine shipments across the same border.

  • FBI joins others to assess LAPD brutality charges

    by Alex Meneses Miyashita

    LAPD Chief William BrattonLAPD Chief William Bratton

    The FBI announced May 3 that it will open a civil rights investigation into the use of force by Los Angeles police officers against civilians during a May 1 immigration rally that gathered some 25,000 demonstrators.

  • Uribe tries to defend himself

    by the El Reportero wire services

    Álvaro UribeÁlvaro Uribe

    COLOMBIA: On 19 April President Alvaro Uribe acknowledged on national TV that Colombia’s standing in the international community was being affected by the wave of accusations against him and his family.

  • Making money on the backs of the undocumented

    by Marvin J. Ramírez Good business for the city A SFPD cop takes away the auto of a couple at 22nd and Mision streets for not having a driver’s license, after he stopped them for having the windows too dark. NEWS ANALYSIS – Besides for being known for its immense colorful gay population and its

  • Chávez haunts Bush in Central America

    by the El Reportero news services

    Hugo ChávezHugo Chávez

    LEON, Nicaragua: Venezuelan Preside­nt Hugo Chávez sang his anti-Bush praying of “gringo go home” on Sunday night in a friendly reunion with Nicaraguan revolutionary Daniel Ortega in front of thousands of cheering supporters.