Friday - Nov 16, 2018


  • Richardson focuses on fundraising as he steps up ’08 campaign efforts

    Gov. Bill RichardsonGov. Bill Richardson

    ­ New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is stepping up his presidential campaign in preparation for next year’s national Democratic Party convention, with emphasis on fundraising and gaining delegate support in the party’s primary states early next year.

  • “Peruvian Pocahontas” in Quito to pressure oil giante

    by the El Reportero’s news services

    Judgment nears in landmark $6-billion-environmental trial

    Quito – Chevron’s three decades of devastating toxic dumping in the Ecuadorian rainforest will be in the spotlight this week as the actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah, tours communities ravaged by cancer and other diseases related to the contamination.

  • U.S. extends TPS for Central Americans an additional 18 months

    by Alex Meneses Miyashita

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced May 2 it would extend Temporary Protected Status to more than 300,000 Central Americans for an additional 18 months.

    The extension will apply to some 230,000 Salvadorians, 78,000 Hondurans end 4,000 Nicaraguans who currently live in the country under the status.

    The TPS for Hondurans and Nicaraguans was set to expire in July and for Salvadorans in September.

  • Good-bye Eric

    by Marvin J. Ramírez Dozens of cars with mourners followed Eric’s funeral Doris Campos says a preyer at her son’s grave ( Photo By Marvin J. Ramirez ) If people thought he had no friends, they were wrong. The body of Eric Campos, 19, who got killed on May 15, by a 16-year-old man, in

  • Venezuelan Ambassador answers critical questions

    by Marvin J. Ramírez Reafirming Hugo Chávez (L-R) Jan Kalicki looks at his watch while Venezuelan Ambassador answers questions from the audience. ­( Photo By Marvin J. Ramírez ) As Venezuela becomes the bastion of leadership of the new leftist movement in Latin America, and voices of criticism and support crash at political circles, many