Sunday - Jan 20, 2019


  • U.S. warns Nicaragua about its close ties to Teheran

    ­by the El Reportero news services

    Raúl CastroRaúl Castro

    MANAGUA: The U.S. ambassador warned Nicaragua about its increasingly close ties with Iran on Saturday, just as President Daniel Ortega gave tractors built by an Iranian-Venezuelan company to poor farmers.

  • Hispanic Caucus celebrates passage of Farm Bill

    by Elisabeth Pinio

    Passage of the Farm Bill by U.S. House of Representatives last week was highly acclaimed by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC). H.R. 2419—the Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007—proposes to improve conditions for struggling families, farmers and education systems alike.

  • President Chavez swears ALBA office in Peru is more symbol than threat

    ­by the El Reportero wire services

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has brushed aside the controversy in Peru about the opening of offices of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (Alba).

    Groups supporting Chavez have opened six offices of the Peruvian daily La Republica reported July 20.

    Chavez says the offices are purely symbolic and in no way interferes in the internal affairs of Peru.

  • FSLN names ex Resistence leader as Consul in SF

    by Marvin J. Ramírez ­Denis Galeano Cornejo, new Nicaragua government representative in San Francisco, talks to El Reportero: Photo by Marvin J. Ramírez Denis Galeano Cornejo is not a career diplomat, but his struggle in the trenches for democracy and free elections in Nicaragua, for those who fought, are his credentials for representing Nicaraguans in

  • Las tasas de encarcelamiento de hispanos y afro-norteamericanos muestran problemas para el futuro

    ­por Salome Eguizabal

    Las tasas de hombres hispanos y afro-norteamericanos en las cárceles y prisiones de EE.UU. siguen siendo mucho mayores que las de los blancos, reveló un estudio divulgado el 18 de julio

    "Justicia Parcial: Tasas de Encarcelamiento del Estado por Raza y Etnia", realizado por The Sentencing Project usando datos de 2005 concluye que si continúa uno de seis hombres hispanos y uno de tres hombres afro-norteamericanos nacidos hoy pueden esperar pasar tiempo en prisión

  • Hispanic, Black incarceration rates signal trouble ahead

    by Salome Eguizabal

    The rates of Hispanic and black males serving time in U S. jails and prisons continue to be substantially greater than those of whites, finds a study released July 18.

    "Uneven Justice: State Rates of Incarceration by Race and Ethnicity," conducted by The Sentencing Project using 2005 data’ concludes that if current trends continue’ one in six Hispanic males and one in three African-American males born today can expect to spend time in prison.