Wednesday - Apr 24, 2019


  • The psychological crossroads of an unhappy life

    The psychological crossroads of an unhappy life

    by Jon Rappoport There is a point at which a life becomes unsatisfying. Regardless of the reasons, a person begins to place too much emphasis on: what already exists; and what he believes. That may sound like a strange thing to say. There is nothing automatically wrong with what exists or with what he

  • The group is all

    The group is all

    by Jon Rappoport “A single thought simultaneously held by several people isn’t some miracle. The course of history is a process of liberation from that circumstance, and the emerging miracle was one individual thinking his own thoughts. That was the great change. And now people want to reverse it. They want to go back.

  • Documents reveal Rockefeller foundation activerly engaged in mass-mind control

    by Jurriaan Maessen From archive material from the 1940s onward, it has become apparent that the Rockefeller Foundation has for decades now fanatically nurtured research into fear-inducing brainwashing techniques for the masses. In a series of generous grants in the 1940s- and 50s, extended to Professor Carl I. Hovland of Yale University, the Foundation actively

  • How the law of attraction fails and becomes brainwashing

    How the law of attraction fails and becomes brainwashing

    by Jon Rappoport “The focus on positive vs. negative thoughts is juvenile. It’s minor-league foolishness. And it leads people to obsess about their own minds. People aren’t passive magnets that attract and repel. That’s utter nonsense.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport) The law of attraction is stated in two ways. First, positive thoughts attract positive results

  • Is consciousness an illusion?

    Is consciousness an illusion?

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson New America Media There were two big takeaways from President Obama’s Cuban opening. The first is obvious. After 55 years of U.S.-backed invasions, covert efforts to sabotage and overthrow Fidel Castro, an embargo, and a Cold War freeze in diplomatic relations, the U.S. policy toward Cuba has been an abject failure.

  • Mind control: the attempt to control life

    by Jon Rappoport “The targets of modern mind control are always described in terms of medical treatment, alleviation of suffering, and healing. What else would you expect? A stark mission statement about population control and intentional shrinking of brain function? No, this op inevitably falls under ‘greatest good for the greatest number’. The promoted

  • The pleasure model of the future – a short story

    The pleasure model of the future – a short story

    by Jon Rappoport The worn document has passed from hand to hand in the underground. The title? “Life in the Pleasure Dome.” Its date of publication is uncertain, owing to the torrid years of revolution and state repression. Most estimates place it at 2067. The man who signed it is long forgotten, but it’s

  • New time. new life and the word ‘create’

    New time. new life and the word ‘create’

    by Jon Rappoport There are some people who hear the word CREATE and wake up, as if a new flashing music has begun. This lone word makes them see something majestic and untamed and astonishing. They feel the sound of a Niagara approaching. They suddenly know why they are alive. It happened to me

  • Confronting sugar addiction

    Confronting sugar addiction

      Most of us have felt the urge, the unstoppable craving driving us to seek out something sweet and devour it in a flash. That uncontrollable yen for cookies, cake or ice cream or that whole basket of bread calling to us to finish it off. Why do you overeat? Why does that cookie have

  • The Latinoamericanizacion of the United States politics

    The Latinoamericanizacion of the United States politics

      There’s a sea change taking place in poltics today, and it’s being led by Latinos, according to Roberto Lovato, a writer and a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Center for Latino Policy Research. He spoke with New America Media editor Elena Shore. Where did Latino voters make a difference in Tuesday’s election? It’s important