Sunday - Jan 20, 2019

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  • Our lady of Guadalupe brings a small miracle to Tennessee

    ­by Tim Chávez

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – My mother married my father more than a half century ago in a church dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was located in a Topeka, Kansas, barrio populated with a growing number of Latinos recruited to fill meat-packing jobs and keep the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad running across this nation.

  • Tortillas need a mealtime friend

    by Janet Murguía

    Janet MurguíaJanet Murguía

    Over the holidays, families gathered to share traditional meals, stories and laughter. Now that they are over, it is time to take a closer look at what is on the table.

  • Take a bow, Bill

    by José de la Isla

    José de la IslaJosé de la Isla

    Here’s a movie treatment worth pitching Hollywood.

  • Life Sentence

    by Javier Sierra

    Javier SerraJavier Serra

    The brush of destiny painted a very bad stroke on Olga Argüelles’s town. One hundred years of toxic bombardment have devastated Anapra, New Mexico, with a life sentence of an endless source of inmates for the state’s prisons.


    por­ Andrés Caballero


    Hispanic­ Link News Service

    Los opositores a una escuela del Departamento de Defensa de los EE.UU. que entrena a soldados latinoamericanos han dicho que continuarán presionando a que se apruebe legislación destinada a cerrar el instituto en el 2008.

  • How Hillary deserted Hispanics

    by Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo

    I don’t usually worry much about party politics until the general election. The many debates and a good deal of the media attention try to reduce serious issues to controversies. The focus is on "the horse race" and not on the role of government.

    But I have to react against how Senator Hi­llary Clinton has rolled the dice against Latinos and Latinas.  She did it at the televised debate in Las Vegas, possibly betting we wouldn’t notice.

  • FCC gives lump of coal to hispanics for christmas

    by Janet Murguía

    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin is trying to overhaul the nation’s media ownership rules, and he’s in a hurry. He’s pushing for a vote by Dec. 18 to end the longstanding ba­n on one company owning both the daily newspaper and a radio or TV station in the same town – regardless of the certain harm it will cause to the already fragile state of minority media ownership.

  • A stink bomb lands in teh presidencial campaign

    by José de la Isla

    HOUSTON – During his presidency, Ronald Reagan was known to be forgetful and even to snooze during Cabinet meetings.

    That condition, at least the forgetfulness part, seems to be a common condition among some Republican candidates seeking their party’s presidential nomination.