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La Ronda Bogotá de Celso Piña at The New Parish

by the El Reportero‘s news services


Celso Piña started playing music in his hometown with his brothers Eduardo, Rubén and Enrique. They formed a band called Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá and together they would go to several homes and perform for local citizens, especially teenage girls from their neighborhood.

In 1980, Celso Piña bought his first accordion and was introduced to the world of musica norteña. He spent numerous hours of practice and work in the popular district of La Colonia Independencia, south of Monterrey. Having lived for a majority of his life there, he titled one of his songs Mi colonia Independencia, which is located at the heavily populated area of Cerro de la Campana, near of the downtown in Monterrey.

Piña’s group decided to change their musical rhythm to encompass a more tropical style during the mid-1980s after having seen Aníbal Velásquez and Alfredo Gutiérrez in concert at “Baile de las Cintas (reproducción de música mediante cintas)”. The group decided to switch into the genre of cumbia, and became what today is Celso Piña y su Ronda Bogotá.

Piña taught himself how to play the accordion with no formal training. As a result he was able to create the unique sound he is well known for. His most popular songs include, La quebradita de la paz, El tren, Como el viento and La piragua by José Barros. He was featured in the song Sufran con lo que yo gozo along with Mexican singer Gloria Trevi.

Celso had several successful international tours that included countries as Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Canada and the United States. Celso Piña received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Tropical Album in 2002 for Barrio Bravo.

At the New Parish, 1743 San Pablo Ave., Oakland.

On August 21, 2019, Piña died from a heart attack in Monterrey, Mexico at the age of 66.

Happy New Year! Ready for the best Rock event in Spanish and the best of Mana music

Get ready because from the same voice of one of Maná’s vocalist and percussionist, he arrives for the first time in three cities in the Bay Area!

We are excited to bring this great tribute to Maná to Northern California with Héctor Quintana, 2nd voice and percussionist from Maná. You won’t want to miss this semi-private concert!

Jan. 9 at Mountain View, Jan 10 at Pleasanton and Jan. 22 in Sacramento.

On Jan. 9 at Opal Night Club, Mountain View; Jan. 10 at Maverick’s Lounge in Pleasanton; and Jan. 22 at Mango’s in Sacramento.

For VIP reservations 925-521-4038,


50 people you need to know, now

San Francisco Public Library presents Changemakers: Bay Area Disability Pride


With funding from the Library Services and Technology Act and federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, San Francisco Public Library, San Mateo County Libraries and San Jose Public Library joined forces to develop a series of programs aimed at advancing a more inclusive society for people with disabilities.

SFPL worked with curator Fran Osbourne to develop the Changemakers exhibition, which also appeared at the San Mateo Public Library in 2019. Osbourne orchestrated the selection process for the featured “changemakers”, which includes over 50 people who have made outstanding contributions to the disability community through activism, arts and culture, business, education, leadership, science and technology and sports. She also partnered with local art programs considered to be leaders of social change and inclusion. All of the exhibition artists have a regular artistic practice and work in studios with a group of their peers. Instructors are usually professional artists and offer support rather than direction.

For all the events dates and times in January 2019, please visit:


Give the Gift of Life at the Blood Drive


City of Redwood City Launches Pilot Program with Downtown Streets Team

Help the Homeless Get Back into the Workforce and Housing


The City of Redwood City recently launched a two-year pilot program run by the Downtown Streets Team to help individuals who are currently homeless, or at-risk of becoming homeless, transition into long-term employment and housing.

To participate, people experiencing homelessness should attend a Downtown Streets Team Weekly Success Team Meeting, held every Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the Dragon Theatre, located at 2120 Broadway in Redwood City. At the beginning of the program the volunteers will focus on downtown from 8 a.m. to noon daily. Soon, the team will expand it to other areas of the city.