Wednesday - Apr 24, 2019

“11 million ‘illegal’ immigrants are threatening our national security and way of life”

by Marvin Ramirez

I was asked if I support Amnesty

Marvin J. RamirezMarvin Ramirez

I received an email with the first line asking me: Do you support Amnesty?

The email contained a statement that really touched my intelligence.

“The “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, S. 744, has the potential to transform America, literally. This thinly veiled amnesty plan would almost instantly legalize 11 million (or more) illegal immigrants, threatening our national security, our economy and our way of life.”

Really? I said to myself. I didn’t know that! How can that be?

I know many undocumented people who would not be and have been a danger to our security.

They have been living here for many years, decades, in the shadows. Being in the shadows means that they cannot get exploited by the IMF via the IRS, a private corporation. Being in the shadows they cannot build businesses.

However, if they get legalized, they will be able to start investing their hard-earned money in the U.S. – if they felt this will be their secured home.

No more thinking “I am going to be deported at any time, so I am going to send my money away.”

Those who have been already here for decades – in the shadows – how are they going to be a danger and a threat to the U.S. and your way of life now by becoming lawful residents upon becoming lawful residents?

If they are legalized, I assume they will start thinking about the U.S. as their new, permanent home. They will probably vote Republican, given that their culture tend to be conservative: God, family values, and hard work. Republicans think the will become democrats, and will delude the Republican vote power.

Where do you get the idea that they will be a threat to our national security if they are legalized? Whoever believes that, is wrong.

Remember that the reason most of the undocumented are here is because the elite wants them to be slaves here, and make Mexico economically dependent to the U.S., while the elite is sending the U.S. jobs abroad so bankrupting the U.S. economy. Have you noticed that the Chinese are really the invaders? They are the real ones becoming a threat to you, by utilizing the U.S. debt money (bonds) that Communist China is now monetizing to buy the United States’s real state, businesses, media, etc?

Just the women Chinese army is comprised of over 330 million, almost the same number of the entire U.S. population.

Look at the statistics. While you’re leading your fighting against undocumented Latinos, and considering them as enemies, you have in fact being deceived.

The Chinese are the real enemies, they are becoming your food and industrial supplier, including becoming your landlord. They practically own the U.S. now. Wake up America!!!!

Fight the real enemy. The elite’s plan is to create a oneworld- government – and China is one of its leaders.

Soon the North American Union (NAU) will be advertised openly. The contract was signed by Canada Prime Minister, Bush and Vicente Fox. It’s a done deal!

The elite already created the European Union, the African Union and the Asian Union. And they have already signed the contract between Canada, the United and Mexico as the NAU, which will do away with our Constitution and our presidential system. The ruler will be the president of the NAU, an official not elected by the people. By doing this, they have dissolved the sovereignty of those countries, which are now ruled by nonelected leaders, who work at the pleasure of the International Monetary Fund. You should also know that the U.S. is not a country anymore: it’s a Corporation.

That is why Obama – as a foreign-born immigrant – can be the President or CEO – because he is not the President of the country, but rather of the corporation called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This is what they never taught you in high school civics class: The United States is a FEDERAL CORPORATION. See 28 U.S.C. Sec. 3002(15) (A) (B)(C). The Federal Reserve is the government. And for your information, Washington, D.C. is a sovereign city-state, not bound by any laws or treatises that the 50 states in the Union are (just as the City of London is not part of England, and the Vatican is also a sovereign city-state).

NAFTA and the many secret deals made between the elite in Mexico and in the U.S. are causing the large influx of undocumented workers as a trade, by design.

They want to turn the once prosperous U.S. into a debtor and third-world country to enslave Americans, and they are doing a good job accomplishing it. In part because of people like you, who are fighting the wrong war.

The bottom line here is that you are fighting the wrong ‘enemy,’ while your country is being stolen by these forces. The undocumented immigrants should be given the opportunity to make a decent living and contribute, while you should attract them to your side to help you win back the Republic.

Hey, at the same time, once you get your Republic back, you can help Mexico’s economy, which in turn will create a positive trading partner, so no Mexican or Central American will have to leave their beautiful countries.

And believe me, many don’t want to be here. Life here has become like living in a real banana plantation republic, a place where you have to work two jobs in order to barely survive.